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Get Involved 

What you can do to help


Save the Glenbrook Green Spaces of Glenbrook Golf Course and access to Charlton Park and Glenbrook Park & Pool.

Help by ...

  • Spread awareness: Talk to your family, friends, neighbors, city and state representatives

  • Show your support: Proudly let HBG donors and city officials know how you stand by displaying yard signs

  • Post photos of how much you love and use your green spaces to Instagram #glenbrookgreenspace



Sign Petition


Return signed petitions to 

8181 River Dr. Houston, Tx 77017

Display a Yard Sign

We are looking for people to donate their time, but money also helps.




Speak Out!
Park Place Civic Club meets at Charlton Park every first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.
Meadowbrook Civic Club also meets at Charlton park, on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m., beginning in June.
Help Save our Community 

Ways to help

  • make calls

  • provide a place for a public meeting

  • loan a canoe or kayak  

  • provide refreshments

  • go on a canoe/ kayak trip

  • contact representatives

  • collect petition signatures   

  • attend meetings

  • donate

  • share photos

  • post and share on social media 

  • tell your friends and family 


Inform and Educate
  • Download the Contract Here.

  • Download the TIRZ Map Here.

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