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 Help Save our access to all these Community Treasures.
People for Parks, Parks for People.
Come by for a visit. Glenbrook Green Space is open 7 days a week. 

Check out our Instagram and Facebook for more pictures of the green spaces that make this community our home. The heart of any community is where its citizens are able to freely gather. Park Place and Meadowbrook come together as one community in our green spaces. 


What Are We Losing?

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The Golf Course Itself


Glenbrook Golf Course functions as more than just a golf course and serves many community needs that will be unmet if the proposed private botanic garden is implemented. Within Glenbrook Golf Course is the historic right-of-way which connects the communities of Park Place and Meadowbrook and provides safe walking passage for community members to gain access to multiple schools: 

St. Christopher ES, Park Place ES, Cesar Chavez HS, Milby HS, Stevenson Middle and Deady Middle; as well as Park Place Public Library, the post office, Sims Bayou Urban Nature Center, multiple churches, bus lines, minority owned businesses, and access to Sims Bayou itself for walking, running, boating, birding or fishing.

Shared Access to Charlton & Glenbrook Parks


Charlton Park has been a City of Houston park since 1926, though the property was part of the Park Place community long before then. Charlton Park is vital to the unity and health of this historic community. Charlton Park serves many functions: meeting place for three area civic clubs, voting center, site of youth after-school and summer programs, neighborhood events, enrichment classes, and that is just in the rec center. The basketball, volleyball and tennis courts are much loved and used on a daily basis.  Charlton Park is where the community gathers


Glenbrook Park & Pool, with an equally long history, is the only public pool in the area. For decades the splashes of delighted swimmers was how you knew it was summer in the area.  The baseball field is in use by many softball and baseball leagues in season, and several soccer groups use the other open areas for practice.


These green spaces are where memories, stories, and shared community history are created.  Together, these two parks provide community members with access to all types of sports and recreation activities. Generations have enjoyed both Glenbrook and Charlton.

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Sims Bayou Hike & Bike Trail

The Sims Bayou Hike and Bike Trail that has been a fixture of city planning for years will no longer run adjacent to the bayou and will instead be re-routed along a residential street South of the bayou so as not to interfere with the HBG lease. In order to reconnect the location of the proposed route with existing trails to the West, which lie on the North side of the bayou, the city proposes to build a new bridge across the main channel of the bayou, adjacent to an enormous sewage treatment pipe and Interstate 45.



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